Interview: Youth & Ergonomics

From a Maxell Commercial, Directed by Henry Sandback.

I spoke with a weekly film group and we go pretty deep into a lot of different topics. We talk about growing up, audio interactivity in games, creative tools, physical media, ergonomics, performance, etc.

Link: Youth & Ergonomics

Feature: Robots by Day, Gomez by Night

Shoot Many Robots

A very thorough write up that was done shortly after the release of FEZ. We talk a lot about the experience of working on FEZ and Shoot Many Robots simultaneously, and my musical journey up to that point.

Link: GameFront

FEZ: Live with Reckless Abandon

I was fortunate enough to be invited down to Austin by Brandon Boyer for the Venus Patrol Launch Party at Juegos Rancheros. Roger and I did a set of mostly FEZ tunes (and a couple of KRUNCH tunes at the end). Pardon the sound, I did the best I could to mix what was given to me, also things are a bit sloppy but hope you enjoy it anyway!