Sheet Music: Turning Teeth

'Turning Teeth', an original song written for the band 'Silversun Pickups'
from the film 'Under the Silver Lake'
with lyrical contributions from Director David Robert Mitchell
Transcribed by David Peacock

Download (PDF)

In Depth: Mud Water

This musical excerpt features samples from a recording of 'Petrushka', composed by Igor Stravinsky.

The Mud Water Project was a multidisciplinary theater project bringing together turf dancers, ballet dancers, music and spoken word artists. Utilizing acting and improvisational dance, while exploring real human emotions and life experiences, the project sought to give the turf dance community opportunities to share its stories, art, and truths in a concert-style setting and to audiences often beyond its reach.

This was my first opportunity to write music to be danced to - it was fun to attend the rehearsals, observe and learn from the dancers and let their creativity inspire my work.

More info about the project can be found here.

DIY | Volume One

A squad of fearless geeks who stand for honor, friendship, and doing stuff.

An animated series by Encyclopedia Pictura, directed by Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch. Music by yours truly.