Q: Can I use your music in my stream/student film/video/etc?

If you are looking to use my music in a commercial setting, please contact me with detailed information to request permission.

I am generally cool with people using Disasterpeace tracks non-commercially in streams, student films, videos, etc. That being said, I receive a lot of requests of this nature, and I do not have the time or resources to grant or deny each one individually.

In light of this fact, I have created a set of guidelines, which contain mandatory requirements for use, and a few requests in which I would appreciate your cooperation.


Generally the use must be non-commercial.
This includes student films, personal video journals, and fair use applications, such as gameplay where the music is part of the recorded footage (let’s plays, livestreams, etc.).

Monetization is OK, but only up to a point.
I am ok with free usage in monetized videos, but only up to the video reaches ~100,000 views. I would appreciate being contacted around this point so that we can hash out a license agreement. Or I may stumble upon your video on my own at some point.

I do not have the right to grant usage for tracks on the following albums:
Triple Frontier, Under the Silver Lake, FEZ, Shoot Many Robots, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, Runner2 EP, 360 Sharks, Waker, Woosh, Bomberman, Bonk, Puzzle Agent, and Bright Coves.

If you wish to secure usage approval for any of these works, you must seek out the rights owner (not me). In most of these cases, the permission to grant usage resides with the respective game developer/film company/game publisher.

Include a credit.
'Disasterpeace' (or appropriate artist) and the track title will do.

While unlikely, I can request that you stop using my music at any time for any reason. Please understand that I did not analyze your intended use of my music, so I cannot make any warranties or guarantees with respect to such use.


Please download an official copy of the music you intend to use.
I would greatly appreciate it. Who knows, the track in question might even be free!

Include a link to download the track/album from music.disasterpeace.com.