Before You Contact Me, Read This

Hey folks. I'm happy to answer questions, consider opportunities, etc., but before you reach out, please consider these things:

My Blog May Have What You Seek

I'm always looking for ways to recapture time. I started collating information about different topics on my blog in an attempt to minimize e-mail. In addition to hundreds of posts that are tagged by topic, I have written thorough articles about using my music, contracts, getting gigs, individual projects like FEZ and It Follows, and much more.

Commissions / Opportunities

I am currently committed to multiple large projects and have limited availability through 2020.

I consider what I choose to work on very carefully. Here are some general rules of thumb to consider:

I want to explore the unknown. I generally pass on opportunities that are either too similar to things I have already done, or too similar to things that already exist.

I need a lot of advance notice. The more the better. Anything that requires my availability less than a month out is unlikely, other than a local event that would require little to no preparation. I live in Los Angeles.

I need context. If you are planning to reach out, please send as much relevant info as you can.

Other Common Questions

Availability of vinyl, CDs, etc. I'm generally not in charge of the physical releases of my music. If I haven't mentioned anything about a release, you know what I know.

With all that said, if you'd like to contact me, you may do so here.