Merch: Vinyl

Here's a list of all the records we've done vinyl runs for. Availability may vary.

Sheet Music: Turning Teeth

'Turning Teeth', an original song written for the band 'Silversun Pickups' from the film 'Under the Silver Lake' with lyrical contributions from Director David Robert Mitchell Transcribed by David Peacock

Download (PDF)

Round-Up: Articles & Features

* 2020 *

Subpixel. Originally published on Gameumentary in 2017 but updated : We talk about prog rock, composing for orchestra, personal philosophy, early musical memories, workflow, social media, Level, Mini Metro, January, Under the Silver Lake, Triple Frontier, and Hyper Light Drifter.

* 2019 *

LA Times. We discuss Triple Frontier, Under the Silver Lake, and approaching unfamiliar territory.

The 2010s We talk about Under the Silver Lake, Hyper Light Drifter, starting projects, nostalgia, and remixes.

* 2017 *

Score It. We talk about silence, influence of nature, crossing mediums, temp score, motifs, and mixing genre.

* 2016 *

Adventures in Success. I recall the untold story of 'Jack Brooze', my eWrestling alter ego as a teenager.

* 2015 *

Vehlinggo. Aaron Vehling and I had a very thorough conversation in New York over dinner. We talked a lot about creativity and lifestyle.