Looking to stretch the utility of the libraries and patches you already have? Breathe weird life into your Kontakt instruments with ntet.

ntet is a quick and amusing way to add intrigue to an old instrument, whether it’s simulating additional harmonics, changing timbre and timing, or all of the above. It’s a pretty weird and nifty little sound design tool that is equally useful for effects as it is for re-contextualizing your favorite Kontakt patch and morphing it into something completely different.

The flagship feature of this script is the "neighborize" module which lets you choose the "wrong" samples, taken from keys other than the ones you play, and resample them back to the desired pitch. Also features a robust set of randomization features, such as non-destructive randomization and seeded presets.

It especially excels at manipulating simpler instruments that use multisampling.

Works with Kontakt 5.8.1 and up. May work with lower versions.

Supports automation and presets.

for more information, check the readme !

Talk: Soundmaking Tools from the Disasterlab

A talk about creative tools, for the 'High Score' Conference hosted by APRA/AMCOS in Melbourne, Australia. picard added after for comedic effect whoops !