Merch: Vinyl

Here's a list of all the records we've done vinyl runs for. Availability may vary.

Round-Up: Articles & Features

* 2020 *

Subpixel. Originally published on Gameumentary in 2017 but updated : We talk about prog rock, composing for orchestra, personal philosophy, early musical memories, workflow, social media, Level, Mini Metro, January, Under the Silver Lake, Triple Frontier, and Hyper Light Drifter.

* 2019 *

LA Times. We discuss Triple Frontier, Under the Silver Lake, and approaching unfamiliar territory.

The 2010s We talk about Under the Silver Lake, Hyper Light Drifter, starting projects, nostalgia, and remixes.

* 2017 *

Score It. We talk about silence, influence of nature, crossing mediums, temp score, motifs, and mixing genre.

* 2016 *

Adventures in Success. I recall the untold story of 'Jack Brooze', my eWrestling alter ego as a teenager.

* 2015 *

Vehlinggo. Aaron Vehling and I had a very thorough conversation in New York over dinner. We talked a lot about creativity and lifestyle.

Feature: Harmonic Relationships (2018)

A nice look at the harmonic choices in games like FEZ & Hyper Light Drifter that ties them to some of the larger trends in 20th/19th century music.